Forging for brass means metal heating and shaping to tough components like brass adapters. The process involves aggressive heating of metal so that it can permanently be reformed to meaningful architect. Brass is prepared by combining zinc and alloy and highly resistant to corrosion. In India and across world, there are popular four type of forging processes popular for designing meaningful brass components โ€“ Brass BNC female, brass adapters, brass terminals,brass fittings etc.

Cold forging

Most of the metals are heated and shaped at high temperatures. This is the special process where brass is forged at normal room temperature. The Cold forging process is popular for manufacturing wires, cables, coins, rollers etc. Chemical is poured into water under heavy pressure and metal is also inserted side by side to form desired shape.

Closed Die forging

In this process metal is compressed between two dies to formthe desired shape. The other name for closed die forging is impression die forging that is generally popular for manufacturing 3D products like hammers, hydraulic presses etc. Further, it can be utilized to form more complex shapes like Brass BNC female, brass adapters, brass terminals,brass fittings etc.


Open die forging

The process is popular to forge heavy weight brass components weighing up to 200, 000 pounds. The process is highly used by manufacturers across India and suitable to forge wide range of components having different sizes and shapes.


Roller ring forging

This forging process is used to manufacture round brass components that required holes in between. Here, metal is squeezed or compressed with great force to create hole between two layers. The work can be completed with precision after experienced manufacturing only.


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